View Full Version : Vojnici ostali u zamci,izbrisao se

31.07.07, 22:54
Hi, please I have one problem, My soldiers are trapped in one village ,but this village already don t exist! But my soldiers are still trapped there and I can not liberate them, when they will come back? Please give me some information and aid, thanks very much :)

31.07.07, 22:57
You are telling us that you attacked a village, your soldiers got trapped, the guy deleted his account, and now your soldiers are stuck there? Bad luck:p
Why don't you try going to the rally point aka. "okupljališe" and see if you can kill them off.
That's basically all you can do.

Her Cindric
31.07.07, 23:04
or tray to make "crvotočina" ( i foreget on englis how to tel" And go back int the past.