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Tema: Izašao je Travianer na engleskom

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    a možeš i skupiti 10 ress-a iste vrste te ih dati čuvaru

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    evo da se skupimo mogli bi napraviti i savez tamo !

    ima nas dosta !

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    Član foruma Pandora's Avatar
    Mar 2008


    ja isto igram i svidja mi se.
    javite se na pp za pomoc i naravno javite se ak zelite biti prijatelji
    I sta god da mi kazes, vise ne vredi
    Ako umes da oprostis, oprosti sebi

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    klik na forum pa na slijedece:

    Travians (forum)--> Quest-help -->Walkthrough - SPOILER WARNING!


    tu su objasnjene par misija u pocetku...

    PS. samo da napomenem :

    igra je izasla jos od kad !!!

    1. je vec na 29 lvl ! :narf:

    PS.2 : ostavite nickove na forumu da vas ubacim na listu frendova XD

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    zovem se fix_ripper lvl 3

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    Uobičajeno action points

    kako i gdje mogu koristiti action points i gdje da nadem prijatelja s kojim cu proci vojnika

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    pa jel ste vi culi za FAQ !?

    uglavnom :

    # What are occupational points (OP) and how do I get them?

    You need occupational points to collect or process raw materials.

    You receive 30 OP on a regular basis per day (in the Gold Club it's 35/day). The occupational points automatically regenerate. You will see when the next OP is generated when you move the mouse over the hourglass (approx. every 48 minutes you receive an OP).

    OP are regenerated faster when you sleep; the higher the category of the bed, the more OPs you generate.

    For every OP you use, you receive an action point. A maximum of 90 OP can be collected and stored. (To members of the Gold Club it's 140 OP). Every additional occupational point is lost.

    Tip: In addition, there is the possibility on influencing the OP with coffee. You can drink coffee in the tavern or by clicking the diamond symbol (on top in your screen menu). This substitutes a 4-hour sleep and you receive the OP as you would have if you'd slept this time. However this only works if your Travian is tired enough.
    # What are action points (AP) and how do I get them?

    For every spent OP you receive an AP. These are required for playing minigames in the tavern and fighting in the arena. Besides, there are even more different activities where you use AP in order to gain either experience (XP) or social points (SP).

    # How do I get social points and what can I do with them?

    You can receive SP by washing dishes (40 SP per 5 AP for one hour of dish washing), playing games in the tavern (for the investment of 5 AP per game, depending on the opponent and whether you win or lose you gain a differnt amount of SP), fighting in the arena (for the investment of 2 to 5 AP (to rules: see your profile-> settings) you gain a different amount of SP depending whether you win or loose). You get fewer by fighting than by playing games, however fighting also gives XP. During the bonus time you get extra SP according to the bonus.

    # How do I win experience (XP), how do I reach the next level of experience?

    You receive experience points by collecting raw materials, playing minigames in the tavern, fighting in the arena, reading in the library (in the guild area) and by solving tasks/quests.

    As soon as you have collected enough experience points and the blue bar (in the upper screen edge, under your name) is filled to 100%, you climb up to the next experience level. You are informed about your rise by an arrow symbol, which appears in the lower screen edge.

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    action pointse koristiš da bi igrao minigamese ili išao u arenu

    EDIT: pretekao me ~xsan~

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    Citat Citat od fix_rmage Vidi post
    action pointse koristiš da bi igrao minigamese ili išao u arenu

    EDIT:pretekao me ~xsan~
    a neznam kak da odem do grada zbog onog sugavog cuvara

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    skupi 10 ress-a iste vrste te ih daj čuvaru

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